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Techwebreality Photography has a passion for taking photos of all types of food and desserts for businesses to use for promotion, point of sale and printed marketing materials. Social media has helped restaurants put their companies on the map and by having professional photographs of their menu items to use for getting the word out socially, they have a better advantage over the competition. It is a fact that restaurants sell more products when they have an image of a breakfast, lunch or dinner item front and center on the menu. Why not take advantage of every opportunity to capture a customer’s attention by showcasing your finest cuisine?

Why We Photograph Food?

We approach every food photography project with the same goal in mind. Take advantage of the best aspects of the product while at the same time creating an environment that is appealing to the end user. There is a visual equation on how people read a menu and how their eyes jump around. Color, texture, proportion and presentation all play an important role in creating the perfect scene for food item.

Our graphic design services can help you brand your food for promoting your photographs in print or on the web. It is an advantage to have us help you design brochures, postcards and menus because we take pictures at the right angles based on our original meeting of how we need to portray the image of your company.

How We Take Pictures of Food for Businesses

Whether you are a fine dining establishment, fast food franchise or a “Mom & Pop” restaurant, we have the same recipe for success. There is a fair amount of prep work for both the photographer and the restaurant. It's best to have a meeting prior to the shoot to discuss what the images will be used for. We like to work side-by-side with the chef so that we can coordinate timing and lighting properly as it's different than serving food to a guest. Some food such as sides and entrees need to be elevated with more exagg-erated angles to create drama. We use backlighting to help draw customers into the image to make them feel like they are in the same space. Meat, fish and poultry all have different temperaments when it comes to photographing them so we can used melted butter to reactivate the juices so we can continue to photograph them.

The other part we have to coordinate with the chef is the amount of food items to be photographed. This will determine how much time we have with each scene. To enhance the image we can use ingredients that were used to make the food to help accentuate the main parts of the meal. We bring all of the photography equipment to the restaurant such as backdrops, lighting and high resolution SLR cameras with lenses that create a perfect “depth of field” which makes you focus on a particular point on the picture while subtly blurring out the background to soften the scene. This is important because it only takes a moment to absorb a picture in the brain and create a story to make a decision.

Professional Food Photographers with a Passion!

Techwebreality Photography takes pride to make sure that we take our time to get the right look to attract customers and entice them to purchase your food. We realize time is money and although it does cost money to properly photography food, we know the return on investment is ten-fold!

Common Uses

Some common uses for food photography pictures are as follows:

  • Menus
  • Websites
  • Point of Sale
  • Print Marketing
  • Promotional Products
  • Billboards
  • Banners
  • Trade Shows
  • TV
  • Newspapers

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