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"Presence,Time,recognition and attention."

01.A brand is a living entity - and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures.”
A logo is the cornerstone or anchor of any brand.  It is the “face to the name.”  The handshake, if you will.  It identifies a business, product or service and represents the very essence of everything a brand is and does in the marketplace.  A professionally designed logo is a worthy investment.  An investment that will provide value and brand equity.  A well designed logo will carry and represent a brand for as long as it lives.

Logos must be simple, easy to read, and easy to reproduce across multiple media and color modes.  Logos should be uniquely styled to fit the entity they represent as well as the industry.  Over-styling or adding complexity to them only detracts from their purpose.  Choose your logo creator wisely and your bottom line will eventually thank you. At Techweb Reality style and Class is our strength:

How we Do it?

All logo designs start by meeting with our client. During the meeting we will discuss colors, basic ideas, key words, imagery, and the company's mission and target audience. From there we will brainstorm ideas based on the information gathered. Sometimes this involves sketching in a notepad, or researching symbols and imagery online.

Once we have a few ideas set in place we will begin to create the potential logos on the computer. This process is a crucial period in logo development. In most cases, one of the logos designed during this time will be the base for the final draft. When the potential logos are completed they are sent to the client for review.

The review process in logo design is one of the most important parts. It is during this time that the final logo begins to take shape. Whether the client is drawn to a certain logo, or likes elements of different ones, they are able to discuss with their designer exactly where they want the logo to go from this point and gives us exactly what we need to create the final logo.

After the review, our designers will adjust and prepare the agreed upon logo for final review.* Once the client approves the final logo review, our team creates a document that includes all of the details about their new logo. This includes the exact colors used, the variety of layouts available (vertical/horizontal), and the details of how the logo was created. Clients are able to use this information in the future when designing branded materials and/or their website.

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